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My father Tom Morley and I founded Burbang Investments Pty. Ltd. in 1968 to develop property, build houses, and design, build, and manage successful businesses. When dad passed away in 1990, I took over as Managing Director and changed the name to Morley International Pty. Ltd.

Our company has developed many properties, built many houses, and owned 10 successful businesses. It has a proven history of Pioneering New Businesses, Turning around Under-performing Companies, and Developing Successful Enterprises in a variety of different industries.

  • We were registered builders in Victoria for over 25 years;
  • We bought 155 ha of bush-land with sea views at Cape Conran in North East Victoria and proceeded to design and build a Tourist Resort.

The locals said we were crazy!

After 3 years from opening our Tourist Resort, we won a Tourism Award for outstanding contribution to the area (see the Govt. letter). After running the Tourist Resort for 6 years we sold it. Tom retired and I (with my wife Katy) went on a world trip for 5 months.

Other businesses I/we’ve owned include:

  • We bought a Freehold Bankrupt Hardwood Sawmill which we turned into a thriving business and sold for 5 times the purchase price in 18 months;
  • I started a Publishing Business selling mail-order products and a barter franchise (was invited by ABC to be features on TV);
  • I bought a Pizza and Pasta Restaurant and a Milkbar/Takeaway;
  • I franchised a startup computer consumables business; sold 5 franchises and opened 3 company owned stores in 2 years, then soldout to a national software company.
  • I started an advisory company in 1993 (see JT’s bio) trading as The Business Rebel.



People say…

John is an Entrepreneur ImpleMentor.
He is an awesome mentor who implements and you have just got to see him!

They say no, there are lots of mentors out there.
What’s different about him?

Here’s my story.

Trading as The Business Rebel, I’ve been an ImpleMentor to fast growing entrepreneurial business owners and high-achievers since 1993 with outstanding success.

5 years ago while everyone else was just charging for their services to coach and consult to others, I knew I had one thing going for me that others didn’t necessarily have.

I realised I was really great at systems and processes, really great with my natural ability to fix things and make them more efficient. I made the businesses better, faster, cheaper, smarter, and more sustainable which ends up in substantially more profit.

I am a mechanic who likes to take things apart and put them together again. I’m up to the challenge of changing the wheels on a moving car! And, as a result, I am continually challenging the status quo on the way things are done.

That’s my winning formula.
I call it the “SWEET-SPOT-FORMULA”(TM).

So I targeted, specifically, companies that were fast growing that were driven by people that were pretty good at creating products and coming up with new markets – but they were leaving a mess in their business.

Businesses going through a growth curve have massive waste.
Waste of time, cost, and quality.
They were leaving massive profit on the table!

Without adding “new things” there was hidden excess profit just laying there in their; under-exploited assets, under-performing activities, and over-looked opportunities.

Because what was happening in the business was that the processes and systems could be better and I realised I could automate things really easily and I could get experts to do parts of that for me like; marketing, social media, software, training, etc.

The lesson is; rather than adding we need to take away – reduction not addition – simplify not complicate – easy not hard.

It’s not about throwing more into your business, but extracting more out of it, through the identification and removal of your constraint or weakest-link, streamlining and systemising processes, and setting up joint-ventures to provide resources.

This allows scalability and duplication, but more importantly, maximisation of throughput and more profit now and in the future.

So I built a SWAT team of different people which was really easy to do. Each expert was able to create a system or structure within the business which made it really easy to happen.

So when I pulled those together effectively, any company that comes to work with me would have my crack team behind them to quantifiably change what was happening.

So if you had a business that was basically making say $500,000 profit, I could see how that $500,000 business could make $1,000,000 just by outsourcing some things, and shifting and tweaking the way the business was actually working to make more profit.

So I was not worried about “can I help you make more sales” because frankly if a business doesn’t know how to do that anyway, then you are in the wrong business!

I worked with the guys who were already growing and making sales, but not so good at the back end.

And as a result of me coming on board, what I did was changed what I was doing from just being a mentor to effectively having an ongoing business accelerator ImpleMentor incubator where people who were coming into it were giving me a small monthly retainer plus a share of their business in return for me being able to make sure that profits were maximised and strong.

And I ended up with a team of people out there who were joining their board of directors to be their ImpleMentors as well.

To streamline, automate, and scale.

When I work with a company, I put them through my 90-day million-dollar business-blitz which is an intense, radical and rapid, all out attack on their business thinking, products/services, processes, profit & productivity – All directed at finding an extra million dollars in the first 90 days.

And, I must be able to see how they can turn their yearly sales ($) into your yearly profits within 4 years.

Yes, for example, from say $5 million in sales to $5 million in profits within 4 years.

My ability to get frustrated with what is not working, is my greatest strength!

JT’s personal passion and mission of “setting-the-captives-free” by removing their “self-imposed-limitations” lead to these qualifications and focus:

  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner by Marvin Oka.
  • Certified Master Behavioural Modeler by Professor Wyatt Woodsmall.
  • Certified Professional Trainer & Facilitator by Marvin Oka.
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis by (passed) Jim Goulding.
  • Marketing Protégé with Jay Abraham.
  • Trained in Systems by Michael Gerber (author E-Myth).

My methods are unique and are the result of an obsessive quest, spanning more than four decades, to “hack” business and personal potential.

I’ve been labelled as “The Business Rebel”, because of my “radical” independent thinking and hands-on approach, which is different than business coaches and consultants.

I believe every everyone deserves a Sustainable, Easy, Lucrative and Fun Business, Lifestyle & Relationships… which I enjoy with my family on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

 Book in a 10 minute velocity (speed & focus) session and experience some magic…

“the difficult we do straight away, the impossible just takes a little longer!” -JT