Industries I’ve Worked With And Client Results…

Dental Practice Restaurant/Pizza Tourism
Medical Practice Coffee Liquor Retail
Building Assoc. (MBAV) Hotel/Pubs Forestry
Wedding Reception Computer Mobile Phones
Property Development Sawmilling White Goods
Airline (Major) Publishing Homewear
Printing Wedding Gowns Petrol & Oil (BP)
Personal Development Photgraphic Retail Real Estate
Motor Mechanic Service Hypnosis Academy Construction


“Dear John, I though I would write and congratulate you on the progress made. Without question, the standards of service, combined with the continued warm welcome and the high standard of attention given to detail in maintaining the park, is the basic reason for people returning for holidays time after time.

All in all, your park has contributed greatly to the advancement of the area, fitting in beautifully with the local environment and making an attractive picture for people to visit, to stay and return.”

…Letter of congratulation from Peter Nixon, Minister for Primary Industry – Parliament House Canberra – in response to John Morley winning a tourism award.


“Hello John, Just a short note to tell you how happy we are with the Profit Expansion Session you did with us. it amazed me just how much you can cover in a 4 hour session and how little it cost me to turn our business around.

We are able to close business much more effectively over the phone with the sales script you gave us. Your strategies and techniques are so simple yet very powerful when it comes to increasing sales conversion ratios and profits.

We are getting much more response from our flyers and direct mail letters using the layout and headlines you generated. Thanks for showing us how to setup our database so that we can setup our customers names properly, we are now sending out regular offers.

All in all I am very happy with the service, help and business coaching you gave us.

P.S. if any of your potential clients wants to talk with me then tell them to phone immediately and I’ll confirm that you really know how to make a business fly! ”

…Shane Carlin, Managing Director – Gazebo Lodge
Licensed Cabaret Restaurant, Motel and Wedding Receptions


”You increased our turnover from $7,500 to $12,000 per week”

… Gino – Gino’s Restaurant.


“Our company has achieved up to 50% increase in sales in some stores (one got an 85% increase!) due to engaging you in a training program for our 12 stores with our franchisees and staff.

You were able to lift the motivation level, create a better team atmosphere and positive future outlook for Nomad staff and franchisees.

Some participants were saying the NLP rapport skills they learnt dramatically increased their ability to easily form relationships with their prospects and turn them into new customers. Others said the skill of uncovering the buyers’ DBM (dominant buying motive) and the presenting the product to satisfy their real needs was a critical factor in creating the extra profit and sales they achieved.

All in all our company would recommend John to any company who is looking to achieve more sales, more quickly and more easily than before. We found John’s leading-edge sales training and follow-up to be of high quality, professional, interesting, motivating and very good value because John insists on specific measurable results.”

… Carlton Taya, Managing Director – Nomad Telecommunications.


“My managers, my staff and myself are more motivated. We are selling more of the products we want to sell through John’s directionalized selling process, our value of purchase per head has increased through add-on and up-selling.

Our meetings are more effective, and our manager’s budgets have been achieved more often, and more easily by using John’s leading edge outcome planning tools.

With a significant contribution by John, recently my best catalogue ever was distributed, achieving an increase in business of up to 33% in some stores.

… Phillip Murphy, Managing Director – Philip Murphy Wines & Spirits.
6 stores in Victoria.


“John gave me a 2.5% increase in gross margin and over 20% in turnover within three months…. I never thought this was possible in the white-goods industry.”

…. Shane Roberts, Owner – Retravision Store.


“You ruffled our feathers, and that is what we all needed. As a result of you running four sales meetings and ‘client advisory board’ we are more focused on our customers needs and more sales driven. We have just hired two new sales people and look forward to future growth.

I believe it was well worth the investment to rev-up our sales staff, brainstorm new and innovative ways to penetrate new markets and present our products, setup our database system to communicate with prospects and clients more effectively, and revamp our customer service, sales and management strategies.

Thanks again for helping us paint a bright future for our company”

…. Don Ravida, Managing Director – Ravida Homes.


“I was amazed at how often the basic principles John Morley teaches can be used to improve general relationships with people – both in business and with friends”

… David Glover, participant builder in John Morley’s Marketing Workshop as part of the Builder’s Qualification Course – Master Builders Association Victoria.


“I would like to thank John Morley for the time spent facilitation a learning experience for the trainers here at BP. Our intention was to become aware of learning strategies that would assist us to implement more effective training strategies into our regular classes.

John facilitated activities, presentations and explanations to assist us to experience the benefits of from enhanced training methods.

We are now able to develop these ideas within the BP culture to gain an effective impact in the results achieved through our in-house training programs.

We requested John to assist us in the development of a proposal to implement Accelerated Learning Strategies throughout BP Australia.

… Lee Adams, Technology Services Manager – BP Australia.


“Thanks for negotiating a ZERO interest rate loan with a major bank over 5 years”… impossible! – anonymous.


“Now I understand what real training is – You are technically perfect”

…Bert Tassoni, Managing Director – Stilinox International.

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