How we work together…


It’s guaranteed to give you a free coach within 90 days (fee is covered by your extra profit) but more importantly, it is designed to find an extra million dollars in your business in 90 days.

When I meet someone who wants me to give them a solution,
I ask these questions…

  • Do you know what to clearly focus on and not on?
  • What (faulty?) assumptions are you making?
  • What is your maximum leverage to achieve more of the business goal?
  • What elegant strategy are you using?
  • How are you effectively communicating to yourself and others to get this done?

I’m working out…

  • Why change?
  • What to change?
  • What to change to?
  • How to cause the change?

You see, my job is to clarify your vision and then sell it to you. Then show you how you can achieve an even bigger result faster than you ever thought possible.

If you’re ready to solve the difficult, achieve the impossible, and play full tilt.
Here are some ways we can work together.

 Book in a 10 minute velocity (speed & focus) session and experience some magic…

“the difficult we do straight away, the impossible just takes a little longer!” -JT


We apply our proven SWEET-SPOT-FORMULA™ which has 4 “lenses” through which you view all problems, opportunities and decisions – it’s based on 8 proven methodologies to enable you to:

  • Make considerably more money now and in the future;
  • Exploit your Full Potential by Finding and Removing your Constraint… the one BIG THING that changes everything;
  • Solve Unsolvable Problems… and challenges that are holding you back;
  • Exploit your 5 Business & Personal Marketable Assets… 80% are never exploited;
  • Eliminate Wasted Time, Cost, and Quality in your Under-Performing Activities and Processes;
  • Implement Hidden Profit Opportunities… that are right under your nose;
  • Automate & Systemise Your Business… so it runs without you.
  • Exit your Business Wealthy… so you can do bigger things with no regrets.
  • Making the Business Work Better, Faster, Cheaper, Smarter & More Profitable;
  • Challenge Your Thinking about What’s Possible by having an Outside View, with No Emotional Attachment;
  • Install Mindsets for a Sustainable, Easy, Lucrative, and Fun Lifestyle, Business & Relationships.
  • Guide you through the 3 Stages of Business: Consolidation, Expansion, and Exit Wealthy.

Program Features Include:

  1. CATSCAN: a physical visit of your business to assess your 4 processes ending in a written 3 month strategic plan: (catscan is a review of your whole business from top to bottom)
    1. Your Business Blueprint.
    2. How you Get & Keep Customers.
    3. How you Make & Deliver your Product/Service.
    4. How you Get Paid & Pay Others.
  2. VELOCITY SESSIONS: to implement the 3 month strategic plan.
    1. One hour 121 accountability & awareness coaching sessions every week or fortnight.
    2. Unlimited phone calls and emails anytime.
    3. Accountability & visibility WMGR (weekly KPI management graphical report).
  3. QUARTERLY PLANNING DAYS: one to three days depending on size of business.
  4. MASTERMIND SESSIONS: optional instead of 121 planning days in 3.
    1. 8 clients, plus partner(s), get together on the Sunshine Coast to mastermind solutions and keep each other accountable.
  5. PROJECTS arising out of catscan and/or velocity sessions – done by us or you.
    1. Unlimited coaching on projects from time to time with mutual agreement.
    2. If we use our swat team to implement then projects are costed and approved by you before any work is done, or you can do it yourself with your own providers.

Book in a 10 minute velocity (speed & focus) session and experience some magic…

“the difficult we do straight away, the impossible just takes a little longer!” -JT