JT is an ImpleMentor™ and he answers…


The Million-Dollar

“With so many things needing improvement in my business, where should I focus my efforts to get maximum results, in the shortest possible time?”

I’m available for hire, negotiable on a WEALTH, VALUE or LEVERAGE basis.

If you have a proven concept, brand attraction, a good operating team with market connections, a tradable bankable entity, with a growing cashflow… then I’m your ImpleMentor (mentor who implements) to refine, leverage, and replicate it… globally with system-based multi-businesses, or franchises, that multiply around the world.

I help you create wealth by exploiting your 5 (hidden) marketable business assets.

I do this by finding and eliminating the “constraint” (the one big thing that changes everything) and the process bottleneck(s)… these things stop the business from achieving exponentially more of the business goal; making more money now and in the future.

Money being cashflow, profit, and return on investment.
Obviously, this gives you more control and time.

Some of JT’s results may be interesting to you…

One client, who was already very successful (already owned a red Ferrari and all that), made an extra $5 million in 6 months. Another increased sales by 50% to 85% across 12 retail stores in one week.
A dental practice went from startup to the highest grossing dental practice in Australia in their 1st twelve months (verified by their Accountant).

I also designed, built, and managed my own 155ha tourist resort and won a tourism award for outstanding contribution to the area. I franchised my own computer consumables business, selling 5 franchises and opening 3 company owned stores in 2 years from startup… plus I’ve bought/started, built and sold 8 other businesses.

In short…

I fix things. I’m a mechanic. Not for cars but for businesses, lifestyles, and relationships. I provide solutions. I solve unsolvable problems that you don’t even know you have… to unlock your full growth potential.

SWORN STATEMENT: “John has developed his hands-on step-by-step method you need to know, if you are going to be successful in today’s topsy-turvy economy. Even though my book sells 20,000 copies a year in Australia alone, John is my peak-performance and income expansion mentor. I believe his methods will become the ‘handbook’ for success in any business and to understand why we humans, do what we do.”

-Peter Tunbridge; Author, Past Sub-Editor BRW Magazine and co-creator of the Mitre 10 Franchise in Australia.

People miss opportunities every day. I worked with a wealthy Ferrari driving business owner with 6 stores (son of Dan Murphy) who was already highly successful.

I walked in and made Philip an extra $5 million in around 6 months very easily, without spending any more on marketing, sales, or net operating expenses, because I could see things that were invisible to him.

My Method…

I use my proven method, which I developed over the last 40 years of being an award winning owner of 10 businesses and being obsessed with “hacking” business and personal potential. I know what works and what doesn’t.



 Book in a 10 minute velocity (speed & focus) session and experience some magic…

“the difficult we do straight away, the impossible just takes a little longer!” -JT

Here’s my story…